Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Pit Diaries #1 - Weleda Deodorant in Sage

Deodorant is typically the first thing I get asked about when I tell people I don't use conventional personal care products. I'll be developing the answers I typically give these people into a little series for anyone who struggles with the pongy pit problem.

I'll be the first person to admit that as an adult male of a certain stature and pilosity, I do tend to develop a certain pungency as the day goes on. However, I wouldn't describe myself as a stinky person; while I was still buying conventional deodorants, I never encountered one that couldn't deal with my personal odour. First of all, I eat quite a clean diet (I'm vegetarian, don't touch processed foods, and avoid most dairy products) and I'd say this is definitely a contributing factor. I notice that for a few days after I participate in serious lifestyle binging, I am significantly more malodourous.

My personal pit profile aside, we're here to chat about Weleda's deodorant offering today. I am a huge devotee to these little glass bottles. While the alcohol and water formula can be a bit stingy when you first spray, the potent essential oil cocktails significantly reduce odour throughout the day. That said, this deodorant is not perfect, and on days when I need my personal stank to behave, I pop one of the 30 ml sizes into my backpack/briefcase/coat pocket (they're perfectly portable) for on to go reapplications.

I've tried both the Sage and Citrus scents. Sage is my favourite, I'm a huge sucker for sage scented anything (as you will learn as we embark on this journey of personal discovery together). While this isn't a full on just-smudged-my-cabin-with-homemade-incense sage scent, Weleda have captured the slightly sweet, smoky spirit of this wonder herb to the point where I sometimes use this deodorant as a personal fragrance.  

Do you have a favourite green deodorant? Any recommendations for me?


  1. I have been using Veriditas Botanicals deodorant. It comes in 8ml roll on, and it is pure essential oils. The mens version has vetiver which has a nice smell to it.
    I have yet to tried Weleda products. I imagine the sage one to smell pretty good.

    1. I'll have to look into that, I absolutely adore the smell of vetiver!

      I'd recommend checking them out; they use lots of alcohol in their skincare so I tend steer clear, but the deodorants are undeniably good.