Friday, 4 October 2013

Corpa Flora Beauté Divine Cleansing Oil - Review

Apols. for the blurriness, the packaging is quite reflective (I'll get better; pinky promise)
Today's review is of another one of my favourite cleansers. The Corpa Flora Beauté Divine (which translates to "Divine Beauty" in english) Cleansing Oil has been one of my go-to take-the-day-off cleansers for the past two months. Designed by Céline Champigny, Corpa Flora is a line of completely water-free products manufactured in small batches in Québec. 

I love supporting small upstart brands (especially Canadian ones), but I often find that either the packaging or the formula lacks sophistication. This is absolutely not the case with Corpa Flora. Packaged in a gorgeous, heavy dark glass jar, this wonderfully refreshing blend of camellia, sunflower, and rosehip seed oils is protected from oxidative damage due to light and looks great sitting on a dressing table to boot! 

Let's talk ingredients. The carriers in this blend are, as I mentioned, camellia, sunflower, and rosehip (all superstars in their own rights: pampering, moisturizing, renewing). Caprylic/capric triglycerides from coconut oil also make an appearance as well as ECOCERT certified emulsifying agent polyglyceryl-4 oleate. Enriched with lemon myrtle and cypress essential oils, this cleanser is an absolute joy to massage into the face: it smells like a walk through the forest. Scent aside, these essential oils also give the oil extreme detoxifying properties, and encourage a reduction in breakouts; everything you want out of a cleanser!

The Corpa Flora Beauté Divine Cleansing Oil is a great way to get your evening facial massage on, and (given the fact that the formula emulsifies completely upon contact with water) even those who loathe the feeling of oil on their skin can benefit from its supreme dirt, makeup, and sunscreen dissolving properties. 

I rate this cleanser incredibly highly; you can purchase it direct from Corpa Flora here.


  1. I love Camellia oil and also Lemon Myrtle and Cypress EOs! So do you do your oil cleansing every night? Do you still moisturize afterwards with this? I am still not on the bandwagon of oil cleansing, I tried coconut oil and 1/2avocado+1/2castor and they still break me out if I do it everynight. I like them as my make-up remover though, so easy!

    1. I like to reserve this oil cleanser for when I'm feeling really clogged up and coated with grime (I spend lots of time in dusty buildings; it happens). As it does emulsify when I rinse, I don't find the need to double cleanse, but don't even get me STARTED on castor oil. When I first tried making my own oil cleanser I went with half olive and half castor seed. Terrible. I woke up with the worst blemishes of my life. I've had really great success with just olive oil though. In fact, whenever I end up on a impromptu/unplanned sleepover, I usually just sneak into the kitchen and use the house olive oil to cleanse and moisturize my face!

    2. Looks like a lovely product! Does it emulsify completely and not leave any oily residue?
      Coconut oil is very comedogenic (pore-blocking) so maybe that's why it broke you out Asti.