Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cocoon Apothecary Ancient Mud - Review

Let's talk face masks. More particularly, the Cocoon Apothecary Ancient Mud face mask.

This glorious dark green paste is made up of four ingredients: glacial marine clay from British Columbia, Dead Sea mud, neroli essential oil, and rose essential oil. It's simple. It's basic. It's perfect. BC glacial clay is magnificently drawing and pore purifying, Dead Sea mud is incredibly rich in minerals and detoxifies like no other, neroli essential oil strengthens pores (helping them stay nice and small once the clay is rinsed off) and also stimulates the break-down of scars, and rose essential oil pampers the skin, while assuring that the mask cleanses effectively without stripping any moisture. Four excellent ingredients, blended perfectly into a slightly salty, fabulously floral scented mask.

But how are the results? Magical. the first time I rinsed this mask off my face, I was dumbfounded. My pores had disappeared. Completely. As with any clay mask, these results were temporary, but I found that even once my skin had re-normalized, my pore size was visibly reduced. I don't suffer from GIANT pores (one of the few upsides of having very dry skin), but I do have a little crop of blackheads on my nose. Or rather, I should say I did have, because having used this mask twice a week for four weeks, those pesky blackheads have packed their bags, and are out the door.

This mask is an absolute joy to use, and leaves me with a fresh "I've just come from the spa" glow. It's a bit difficult to remove (the dead sea mud tends to be a bit grainy, and takes several rinses to wash off completely), but for a mask this affordable that performs this effectively, I can put up with an ever so slightly reduced ease of use.

Seriously. Buy it. It's only 24$.

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